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Oh Hey!

Posted by December 4, 2011


How in the heck did we get here? Welp! This is probably best answered if I start from the beginning.

In June of 2006, Rebecca and I started where we blogged about the various adventures of our kittens, Macintosh and Sunny.  We wrote on the site frequently; covering Macky’s broken leg, Macky getting in trouble and Sunny’s seizures.

The site,, then converted to (though we no longer own the domain) when Mowie walked into our lives and decided to stay.

When our precious Sunny got sick and passed away, we stopped writing on the site.  For me, it just didn’t feel right.  However we did keep the blog up and available — and even online to this day — for our reference.  We often go back to the site to look at pictures of the kittens and to remember our wonderful Sunny.  The site remains one of the many ways we continually remember him.  And I’m so grateful for having such a resource.

In late September of 2010, Rebecca started The Lil House That Could to essentially chronicle our adventures in home ownership and everything DIY.  When Diggy got diagnosed with cancer, she began posting about his vet visits, chemotherapy and well-being.  This is when we really realized that people (you!) genuinely cared about us and our family through the blog!

Then Rebecca got knocked up!  We started talking about nursery plans, ideas and designs but there was a part of us that also wanted to talk about our excitement for the phantom baby (our nickname for the lil guy or girl!).

So Macky& was born as a space for us to write about our babies (Macky, Mowie and Diggy), our Everybody Loves Raymond family (sorry mom!) and our phantom baby!  So yeah, ultimately a space to keep my mother happy.