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Music and Growing Up

Posted by January 13, 2012


Mony Mony, you know the song by Billy Idol.

The song makes me cringe; always has, always will.  You see, if I had to name one song that makes me think of a family member, it’s Mony Mony and my father.  Thinking back — and he might totally disagree — it’s been the one track that got him out of his shell, got him dancing and singing.  And it’s been the one track where we all roll our eyes at him and try to walk away, bravely acting as if we never knew him.  Whether it was at family parties or driving down to Florida, my father loved (loves?) playing — and singing AND DANCING to — this song.  And we all absolutely despise it. Cringe.

So when we discovered baby, I began thinking about my music collection and what kind of impact I might have on baby.  Will baby grow up to love Jack Johnson, Ben Folds and Jason Mraz?  Or would baby grow up rocking out to Kanye, maybe even some Timbo? Maybe baby would prefer some Tool or Nine Inch Nails.

But jesus, I just realized my track is SexyBack by Justin Timberlake.  Our baby is going to despise this song.  I’m going to be that obnoxious father who dances and sings whenever this song comes on.

Heck, I’m already that guy.

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