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Month Two & Going Back To Work

Posted by August 16, 2012


Yes, we’re practically at month three, but better late than never, right?  Right!

It’s already hard to think about what our life was like prior to the arrival of you, Easton.  I know we thoroughly enjoyed our downtime, but even if I had that time back again today, I’m not quite sure how I would handle it.  You’ve become such a part of our lives and routines; fitting so snug into everything we do.

We’ve been traveling more with you these days, but you haven’t been the biggest fan of the car.  You’re good for a solid hour and then you just want out, which is understandable.  But you’re your normal self once out of the car seat.  Though honestly, you’re a bit nosey; often looking in other people’s shopping carts and well, all over the place.  (yeah, we secretly love it)

Life with you has been … relatively easy.  Gasp!  Sure, there are the frustrating times and a couple sleepless nights, but overall, you’ve been honest to god easy.  I probably just jinx’d everything though.  It’s funny — before you born, everyone would try to scare the crap out of us as if having a baby was this horrible, horrible experience.  I guess it’s just human nature to do so, or at least in my crazy Italian family.  It’s a shame that we’re like this as a society; if we go through something horrible then we expect the next person to do the same.  But no one ever really told us about how wonderful it is, either.  I was just telling mama (BOOBS!) that I’m going to try my best to resist falling into the stereotypical OMG BABY HORRIBLE! DEATH! NIGHTMARE! stories when talking to other people.  And instead, I’m going to try to focus on the good and the bad experiences we’ve had.

Cue the “JUST WAIT UNTIL EASTON STARTS CRAWLING”comments, which actually have already started.

You’ve recently discovered you have hands.  Oh my god, hands! And we think you’ve begun to notice your feet, too, but have yet to really do anything with them (aka trying to put them in your mouth).  It’s the cutest thing when you’re waving your hands in front of yourself and you catch them in your line of site.  You’ll pause, drop an eye-brow and your expression just says, “WHAT ARE THESE MAGNIFICENT THINGS!”

Soon enough,  I’ll have to start yelling at you for doing things with your hands like picking your nose and touching your peter.

But with the invention of your hands, you’ve started to play with small toys, mainly to put them directly in your mouth.  You have this weird wire-y ball thing that you go nuts over.  Your eyes light up and you immediately grab the thing.


Today was a rather sad day.  Your mother went back to work.  She did well though, probably because you did so well with me.  We kept with your routines and I made sure to get you plenty of playtime to avoid any form of fussiness.  And we sent mama (BOOBS!) text message after text message and picture after picture to keep her updated.  There was one time when you were in your swing and I said to you, “Mama is coming home!” and you absolutely glowed as if you knew what I was talking about.  My heart absolutely melted.


It’s a weird thing we are going through, Easton.  We’re going against the norm with me staying with you during the day.  I’m sure there are many out there who are waiting for this to backfire on us, but I have a funny feeling we’re going to be just fine.  Your mother and me are a bit of a different breed and we are both madly in love with you.  We will have our days where we will both breakdown crying and missing your mother, but we’ll pull through together, for sure. We’re doing this because it’s what makes the most sense for our family.

Happy two months, errr, happy two months and three weeks, Easton.

Month One

Posted by June 28, 2012


You are one month old, Easton. Ok, lets be honest, you actually turned one month a week ago.  Get used to it, your parents love to procrastinate.  Especially when Dance Moms is on.

How in the world are you one month old already?  It seems like just yesterday we were nervously bringing you home from the hospital.  But here you are, cozy in your home and adjusting to life.  During your first month of life, you experienced some crazy things.  First, my side of the closet collapsed.  When it happened, I really thought it was someone breaking in CSI style (I guess if you’re reading this a decade or two from now, you’ll have to Google CSI — or do whatever you do to search things on the internet).  Then our upstairs air conditioner crapped out.  We were able to camp out downstairs to be comfortable, but damn, it did get hot upstairs.  And then finally, our microwave broke.  END OF THE WORLD.  Turned out it was only a minor piece and we were good to go after a friendly visit from GE.

Looking back at pictures from the time you arrived, it’s hard not to wonder how your mother and I, well, made you.  You’re cute, good looking, happy and already have a better personality than us.  Hold onto those qualities, because if you are, in fact, our son, there will come a time when you become socially awkward and rather odd looking.  Sorry kid, it’s just in the genes.  My apologies in advance for that acne you’ll discover in a bit over a decade.

You’re eating like a champ these days; almost too much for us to comprehend.  But this just goes to show that you are our son — after-all, your mother and I could eat all day every day.  We’ve been devouring flying saucers like it’s our job every night.  I swear, we eat bagels and ice cream flying saucers every day.   Maybe some pizza mixed in there from time to time.  You are going to love pizza.

Your grandparents have been wonderful to you, but you must remain skeptical of their true intentions.  They just want to kidnap you and call you their own.  (I’m kidding grandparents, relax).  But really, your mom’s parents continually bring us wonderful food items (like fresh mozzarella) when they visit you.  So your mom and I eat while Nana and Pop take care of you.  As for my parents, well Gram has been taking you for long walks around the neighborhood.  It gives you some fresh air and gives us some time to shower and eat more food.  I’m sure she chews your ears off while you go for your stroll telling you funny stories and the like.  You’ll actually appreciate them one day.  But just don’t pick up that crazy Staten Island accent.  Your grandfather is waiting for the day when you two can fly remote control helicopters in the backyard.  I think he’s just looking for an excuse to buy more toys for himself.

Lets move onto the embarrassing stuff, huh?  You poop and you poop, a lot.  Plus I will never look at French’s yellow mustard the same.

As for the cute stuff?  You’re smiling up a storm already.  And it’s the best thing in the world.  Your mouth gets wide open and your eyebrows go all the way up.  It’s incredible.  And speaking of eyebrows, you’re already showing signs of my facial expressions.  Mom likes pointing this out, “he must be mad, he’s doing your mad face”, “he’s got your sleepy eyes on”, and “yup, same farting face, too.”  We like to joke around that you’re advanced for your age because you started smiling way early.  I assume all parents do this.  We can’t be the only crazies.

Speaking of crazy.  Your fur brothers and sisters have been great.  Mowie likes to pretend you don’t exist, but she secretly watches over you.  Macky is eagerly waiting for the day you two can play together.  Oh, he also likes to sniff your butt from underneath the rocker thing we have.  Get used to that.  And Diggy, well Diggy is incredibly protective of you and is always concerned when you’re crying.  He could be upstairs sound asleep and if you started crying, he’d come running down right to your side.  We’re so grateful they are all taking you in as one of their own.  It makes this whole thing a ton easier.  Can you start using their litter box now?

Cheers kid, happy one month!

Tu Papa.