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Everybody Loves

Posted by December 21, 2011


We find out the gender of the baby tomorrow morning.  And while I’m not telling you, I’m excited as can be for this.  We find out first thing tomorrow morning and then we’ll spend the day together — probably eating, probably eating a lot since that’s just what we do.


The Five Year Plan

Posted by December 8, 2011


Before Rebecca got pregnant, I often told people about the 5 year plan about having kids. I’d joke with just about everyone – when I was 23 years old, 25 years old and even at my current age of 28 years old – that we’ll have kids in 5 years. So it was no surprise that when we told our parents about the phantom baby, they all kind of looked at me and said, “what happened to the 5 year plan?”

It’s wasn’t so much that I wanted to wait 5 years to have kids, but I never felt ready to have kids of my own. I just didn’t feel like I was at that point of my life where I was comfortable and responsible enough saying I’m a father. Friends and family often told me I would never feel ready nor would ever really be ready – and I agreed (and still agree). But something changed when our little orange guy, Diggy, got diagnosed with cancer.

When we learned about Diggy’s situation, it immediately brought up old feelings about Sunny. Rebecca and I went through a crazy and scary experience with Sunny, our first orange fur-baby, and ultimately lost the battle with his illness.

And while the severeness of Diggy and Sunny were quite similar, our reactions were quite different because of timing. We had time to digest what was going on with Diggy. We had time to think of best – and worst – case scenarios for him. We didn’t have that with Sunny; he got sick too fast and while we tried everything imaginable to save him, it was ultimately too late.

With Diggy, however, we were able to determine to do X and if X didn’t work, we could try Y. And if Y couldn’t work, we’d venture into Z. And while Rebecca and I were extremely nervous and scared, you know what? We held it together. The both of us knew we were together in whatever decision we had to make; we knew each other would do everything possible for Diggy.

So while Diggy began chemotherapy and his future still extremely uncertain, something inside of me clicked. If I could hold it together while making uncertain decisions for Diggy, I began feeling that I could do the same with a baby.

Diggy is doing much better these days and his cancer is in remission. He’s gaining weight, adding muscle mass, purring again and playing almost non-stop with Macky. While I know his cancer might come back at any moment, I know we can handle it with the best of our abilities. It might not be easy for us, but I know we can do it.

And I know we can do the same with a non-furbaby.

Macky Loves The Meds

Posted by December 7, 2011


What cat actually likes taking medicine?  Especially the liquid kind?  Yup, Macky does.  He’s on antibiotics for the next 10 days or so and he is loving this stuff up.

Oh Hey!

Posted by December 4, 2011


How in the heck did we get here? Welp! This is probably best answered if I start from the beginning.

In June of 2006, Rebecca and I started where we blogged about the various adventures of our kittens, Macintosh and Sunny.  We wrote on the site frequently; covering Macky’s broken leg, Macky getting in trouble and Sunny’s seizures.

The site,, then converted to (though we no longer own the domain) when Mowie walked into our lives and decided to stay.

When our precious Sunny got sick and passed away, we stopped writing on the site.  For me, it just didn’t feel right.  However we did keep the blog up and available — and even online to this day — for our reference.  We often go back to the site to look at pictures of the kittens and to remember our wonderful Sunny.  The site remains one of the many ways we continually remember him.  And I’m so grateful for having such a resource.

In late September of 2010, Rebecca started The Lil House That Could to essentially chronicle our adventures in home ownership and everything DIY.  When Diggy got diagnosed with cancer, she began posting about his vet visits, chemotherapy and well-being.  This is when we really realized that people (you!) genuinely cared about us and our family through the blog!

Then Rebecca got knocked up!  We started talking about nursery plans, ideas and designs but there was a part of us that also wanted to talk about our excitement for the phantom baby (our nickname for the lil guy or girl!).

So Macky& was born as a space for us to write about our babies (Macky, Mowie and Diggy), our Everybody Loves Raymond family (sorry mom!) and our phantom baby!  So yeah, ultimately a space to keep my mother happy.